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Professional WiFi solutions

WiFi network for all purposes


  WiFi solutions are siutable for very wide group of users.
   For mobile and fixed facilities.

   What can we do for you 
up a wireless network with professional WiFi access points to the desired location
 the client.
   WiFi link between different location. Up to 20km and more.

   Integration of
existing WiFi network user in the accounting
-Billing and management system.

of WiFi equipment and manage software for exhibitions, events, conferences ...

up WiFi Internet network in the villages and towns.

   Why us?
   We know how to listen to our clients and advise them how to find the best solutions.
   We are sure we can help you. For more information just click 

    - cars, campers, buses, trains,
    - ferryboats, ships, yachts,
    - emergency vehicles,
    - fire trucks,
    - ambulance vehicles,
    - others.

  Fixed facilities:
  - all tourist places and objects,
  - hotels and accommodation,
  - marinas, SPAs, swimming pools,
  - campsites, restaurants, catering establishments,
  - commercial and shopping centers,
  - fairgrounds,
  - airports, train and bus stations,
  - gas stations, motorway stops,
  - in short, wherever users want or there is  interest in
wireless  internet access.

   Don`t hesitate to call us and we promise to find the right solution for you. 
Our clients come from different sectors. Public administration, industry, tourist facilities,
   local communities
, marinas, campgrounds, resorts, schools, government, cities,
   bus companies, service
for protection and rescue ...
   M&M d.o.o.,
   creative and professional company for communication and security solution   
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